From Twitter 02-25-2011

  • 00:23:08: 「頂你個肺」何解?——兼談章太炎、魯迅對「州戲」的誤讀
  • 11:01:14: RT @ptreporter: 西九設計諮詢大多支持「城市中的花園」方案 西九文化區完成第二階段公眾諮詢,三個設計方案中,以英國設計師Foster & Partners的「城市中的花園」,支持度較高,在七個範疇的評分都較高,包括綠 …
  • 11:24:10: Google Cloud Connect 實測!幫老微軟Office新增雲端同步協作
  • 12:08:56: foobar2000 v1.1.4 has been released.
  • 14:23:47: 《越扭越有計》政府唔放水,嘉賓節目玩水 #rthk
  • 14:32:36: RT @abc1230: Engadget – Microsoft Research teases Windows Phones controlling Surfaces and crazy desktop UIs
  • 14:32:39: RT @abc1230: Engadget – Intel Thunderbolt: a closer look (updated with video)
  • 15:26:23: 點解大家都咁鐘意玩呢MA哂D咁嘅APP俾人攞哂你所有個人資料呢? RT @janstechblog: 由「Top 10 Visitor」說到「全港第一批優先預訂iPhone5」
  • 15:29:14: #japan RT @NYTimeskrugman: Good Inflation, Bad Inflation
  • 15:45:32: 楊奕農 的 Gretl 使用指南 -有關 計量經濟 & 時間序列 #eviews
  • 15:48:32: 免費下載的繁體中文「gretl 入門手冊」 ver. 0.41 (20101124)
  • 15:53:55: Finally, Wayland enters Ubuntu 11.04 repo
  • 15:57:01: Apple shows how Shadow Copy is supposed to be done
  • 15:57:20: “Once again, Microsoft may have implemented the technology first, but Apple has turned it into a compelling end-user experience….”
  • 16:22:52: RT @noteslate: We are preparing new schedule for massproduction. We know you wanna see prototype video. We are working on it really hard …
  • 23:13:10: How to add a detailed battery indicator to Ubuntu
  • 23:20:49: RT @vvchn 事实 @gr8bad @diptNYC @dkyochum: @diptNYC “No matter how good you become at tennis, you’ll never be as good as a wall” Mitch Hedburg
  • 23:39:15: 大工程開始… #fb

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