• 13:39 Turn The Google Menu Bar Into An Ubuntu-themed Panel t.co/CpeMglT #
  • 14:06 文档与笔记利器 reStructuredText 和 Sphinx t.co/QYYbYim #
  • 19:07 「いじめ」と「いじり」の違いは何か bit.ly/jYADGs #
  • 20:51 林瑞麟教獨立候選人如何組織參選名單 #hk71 #on9 youtu.be/bLV8A6Lw5ZE #
  • 21:46 is it gd news/ bad news RT @engadget: HP confirms it’s in talks about licensing webOS, Samsung tipped as a possibility engt.co/iCIvWv #
  • 21:50 Why is European broadband faster and cheaper? Blame the government t.co/LV1WmH4 via @engadget #
  • 23:12 Technology giants: How Microsoft and Google have been blazing trails for each other | The Economist t.co/aNuCc1R via @theeconomist #
  • 23:42 now facebook automatically block any links from thepiratebay nice huh? #fb #
  • 00:09 @tpb I just know that facebook automatically blocks all the links of torrent page on tpb #

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